What is Growth Hacking?

Written by Matt Wolfe
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Growth Hacking is the new term used to grow a business using “outside of the box” methods.

When we think of marketing, we tend to think of branding and advertising. Standard institutional marketing methods include things like television ads, radio ads, billboards, newspaper and magazine ads. These things all have the sole purpose of building your brand name…

There’s not much tracking and it’s very difficult to tell how effective any individual ad is. Sure, you can put a special URL on a TV ad and tell people to go to www.mysite.com/tv-ad but how many people do you actually think type in that full URL? Most people just go straight to the root site and you’ll never know how they were referred.

To top things off, this sort of advertising is expensive as hell. It’s pretty out of reach for most businesses, much less small-time Gig Hoppers like us.

Growth Hacking is the term we use to describe the non-standard methods to grow our businesses and to get new eyeballs to what we have to offer.

We leverage other people’s existing systems, we hack social media, we use other people’s websites in creative ways, and we attempt to us the internet’s viral nature to get people looking at and talking about what we’ve so painstakingly poured our souls in to.

One of the best examples of Growth Hacking is HotMail.com. When they first launched, every time someone sent an email to someone else, there would be a message at the bottom of the email inviting others to try HotMail. Every single time someone sent an email to someone else, it was a free advertisement to HotMail. This resulted in HotMail growing to over 12 million users in less than 18 months.

Growth Hacking is an art form. It’s a creative process and there are no rules… There are strategies that others have tested and seen work. However, what works for one business may not work for another.

Growth Hacking is about being creative and finding new and innovative ways to get your business noticed.

Any serious Gig Hopping professional should always be on the lookout for new Growth Hacking opportunities. Gig Hoppers live and die by their ability to get new customers and to stand above the crowd.

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