Behind The Curtain Of Our Next Six-Figure Per Year Endeavor

Written by Matt Wolfe
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Josh and I are beginning another journey. We’re creating another revenue stream and, this time, we’re keeping it simple.

In all honesty, we tend to overcomplicate things. Josh and I do it all the time and most human beings tend to do it as well.

Creating a sustainable business that generates a recurring revenue, month in and month out, is not that hard. It comes down to creating something that others will gain value out of and then charging a little bit less than it’s worth so that people will fall in love with your product and what you do.

So this time, we’re keeping it simple and, in this blog post, I’m going to lay out the exact plan that Josh and I are going to implement to build a sustainable recurring income.

Phase 1: Pick A Niche

Josh and I know business and we know marketing. It makes sense that we leverage our existing following, tap into the contacts that we’ve created, and focus on the information that we are immersed in on a daily basis.

If you’re following along at home, pick a niche that excites you. It has to be something you are really interested in and can talk about for years to come… Otherwise, this business model will become real monotonous real quick.

Many people will read about our gameplan and think to themselves “but I don’t have an existing following or contacts.” That doesn’t matter. Pick a niche that excites you and that you already tend to immerse yourself in.

If you’re into it, the chances are that there are others out there that are into it too.

Phase 2: Find And Create Killer Content

Here’s where people tend to overcomplicate things. Notice I put the word “Find” first… You can actually find killer content for the product you are going to sell.

Here’s exactly what we’re going to do…

Each month Josh and I are going to pick a topic for the month related to marketing. The first month’s theme will be “Recurring Revenue”. The following month may be “List Building” or “Affiliate Marketing”. We’ll take it month by month and pick a new topic each month based on our customers’ feedback.

Once we know the theme for the month, we’re going to follow this format for the content for the month…

We’re going to tap our pool of contacts and bring in one expert on that month’s topic to create a mini training product with them. We’ll persuade them to completely open up about exactly how they implement their given business strategy in their business. This will be a completely exclusive video training that will only be available to our subscribers.

We are then going to, once again, tap our existing pool of experts and seek out another person to create an exclusive article just for subscribers. This will be an in-depth, tutorial type training article (not too dissimilar to the one you’re currently reading). Once again, this will be something completely exclusive to subscribers of this program.

Next, we will do a product review for a product that is related to the topic of the month. This will consist of me or Josh giving an inside look and then giving 100% honest feedback on the product with some tips and training on how it can be used to fulfill the goal of the current month’s topic.

Finally, we’re going to curate between 5 and 10 articles from around the web that are related to that topic…

This curated content is not going to be just any content that you might find running a Google search for the topic… This is going to be carefully researched, best of the best resources that we have handpicked from the hundreds of resources that we track each month.

You see, Josh and I subscribe to hundreds of blogs, we’re on more mailing lists than we’d like to admit, we spend time in forums, and we constantly have our eyes on resources being shared on social media by people that may not be well-known yet.

We bookmark and catalog probably 20-30 amazing articles every single day and, when it comes time to curate content for our members each month, we sift through our catalog of insanely valuable and useful posts and we narrow down what we decide to share to only 5-10 articles. We sift through it all so that our readers can receive one simple digest of only the best… Only the stuff that we feel will be best suited to take them from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time.

So that’s what the monthly content structure will look like…

To recap we will provide:

  • A video training session with an expert on the month’s topic.
  • An in-depth guest article from an expert on the month’s topic.
  • A video review of a relevant product for the month.
  • Between 5 and 10 carefully curated but stellar articles.

Broken down like that, it doesn’t seem that difficult but, from my description above, you’re damn right it sounds valuable as hell to our members.

Phase 3: Package The Content In To An Easy To Read Newsletter

Now that we’ve rounded up the content that we’ll be delivering for the month, we need a simple way to deliver it to our members.

Realistically, if you don’t want to worry about the technology aspect of all of this, you can deliver all of this content in a simple newsletter that’s delivered from your autoresponder company like GetResponse or Active Campaign.

Simply use something like SamCart or MoonClerk to process payments. When someone purchases, these platforms will automatically add them to your mailing list… Have them added to your “buyers” list and deliver the newsletter with all of the content directly to their inbox.

Personally, we are huge fans of OptimizePress and we like the idea of sending them to a protected page to access the content…

We would still use the same payment processor like SamCart or MoonClerk and we’d still add them to a buyers list. However, each month, we will build out the issue within an OptimizePress members area and send people to that page instead of sending the entire newsletter to their inbox.

It’s slightly more secure, harder for people to share and allows us to better track how many people are actually consuming the content that we put in front of them.

Phase 4: Create A Sales Page

Now that we’ve got our niche, we’ve got killer content that we’re going to share, and we’ve got the system to deliver the content, we need to sell it.

Our target marketĀ for this newsletter is going to be people who own businesses and are constantly looking for strategies to grow it. They are people that value their time and would prefer not to spend their time scouring the internet for the latest and greatest “shiney object” tactic. They realize the value in having people that are already skilled in the area of entrepreneurship picking out and delivering the best of the best directly to them in a simple digest.

We’re not going to hide the fact that much of this is curated content because our target market does not care. They realize that, if Matt and Josh share something and find it valuable, then it is probably something that they should be paying attention to as well.

So we know who we’re looking for and we know the benefits of the plan we’re providing. We just need to convey all of this in the most concise and persuasive way possible.

Truth be told, we will probably use a shortcut to create the copy. There’s a tool called ScriptDoll, created by Ben Adkins, that actually allows you to plug in some information about your business and it will spit back a sales letter that persuades people to buy your product.

Even if we don’t use the exact sales letter that it gives us, we’ve got a starting point. The hardest part about writing sales copy is staring at a blank document and not knowing where to start. At the very least, ScriptDoll gives you that template to start from. Saying that, ScriptDoll does write very good and high converting sales letters.

Once we’ve got our sales letter, we’ll create a simple sales page with OptimizePress. I’m not 100% decided if we’re going to sell it with a video or with written sales copy yet. In all liklihood, we’ll create both sales pages and drive traffic to both of them and see which one works the best.

We’ll add the buy button that SamCart or MoonClerk gives us to our sales page so people can subscribe and we’ll be good to go.

Phase 5: Drive Traffic

Driving traffic to this membership will be a multifaceted endeavor. There are so many ways that we can drive traffic.

The low hanging fruit traffic will be to do the following:

  • Add the subscription as an add-on item to our existing products.
  • Create a banner in the sidebar of our blogs and continue to produce killer content.
  • Mail our lists that consist of over 200k subscribers combined.
  • Set up an automated Tweet with a tool like Edgar that goes out once a week or so.
  • Put the offer in front of people immediately after they opt-in to one of our lists.
  • Link to it in our email and forum signatures.

That’s the stuff that will immediately kickstart the program…

However, if you are trying to follow along to this model for yourself, you may not have the assets available to you that we’ve managed to build for ourselves over the years…

You can still do most of the things mentioned above, it just may be a slower build up.

To really kickstart things, we’ll drive Facebook ads to the sales page.

In our case, we would target people who like things like Digital Marketer, Success Magazine, Frank Kern, and any other internet marketing related topic we can think of. We would also retarget any visitors that have recently checked out any of our websites. We will create and test several attention-grabbing images and drive people to an opt-in page where they will be immediately sold on the idea of subscribing after they opt-in.

Phase 6: Consistently Deliver And Listen To Feedback

This part of the process is pretty self-explanatory.

From here on out, it’s our job to consistently “bring the heat” month in and month out. We will continue to hunt down the best resources on the month’s topic, find the best experts to create training videos with, find the best products to review for members, and overall just make sure that our subscribers get the value for their money.

During this final phase, we will listen to our subscribers’ feedback. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s hot and what people want to see and learn is key so we will have an “open door” policy. If someone has an idea or feedback, we will encourage them to hit reply on one of our emails and let us know so that we can constantly improve the subscriber experience.

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Dive Even Deeper

Last week, we did a live webinar with Ben Adkins, who taught attendees this model of creating recurring revenue.

The webinar replay has since be taken down and closed off. However, we are reopening the webinar replay tomorrow for 24 hours only.

Keep an eye on your inbox to be notified when this replay goes live because it was a step-by-step model that dives even deeper than what I just described in this post.

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