Adapt Or Die – New Business Models Change Everything

Written by Matt Wolfe
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Some of you may or may not know this, but Joe and myself are co-founders of a business called Togally.

(2015 Update – Joe and I are no longer stakeholders in We sold our equity in the company back to the other founding members.)

Togally is a website where people can easily hire inexpensive photographers in their area. On the flip-side, photographers have an easy way to pick up extra clients on the side.

On one of my other blogs, I recently made a post about Togally and how excited we were to launch it…

Someone left the following comment on the post”

People like you cause the decline of the photography business. You are going to assemble a bunch of lamers who have no talent but think they do because a few people told them they take good pictures. Together you will continue to devalue this industry. Already people think pro photography services should cost next to nothing. But you will be helping spread the word even wider by bringing even lower quality expectations into minds of people…

Now I’m not going to name who wrote it and I have actually removed the comment because I felt there would be some backlash. However, I did feel it was important enough to address here.

I can tell you that, if this person is actually a pro photographer himself, he will probably not be in business very long… And I’m not saying that because I think Togally will replace the profession.

If someone is afraid of a socially driven photography site like Togally, then they probably haven’t perfected their art themselves.

The best photographers that are out there are in high-demand. They do something to stand out or have a unique style of their own. The professional photography business was a commodity business a long time ago. WAY before Togally was ever even a concept in anyone’s minds.

Photographers are a dime a dozen. The best of the best rise to the top, demand high prices, and pull themselves out of being just another commodity. The ones that are afraid of us are the ones that should be embracing us. We may be the only thing that gets them gigs in a year from now.

You see, with a mentality that a site that empowers regular people to get into photography actually threatens someone, it clearly means that they think it’s going to hurt their livelihood. That leads us to believe that these people that feel threatened are worried that they don’t have something unique to offer over our Togally Togs…

If this is true, you’re probably in the wrong profession.

The rules of business are changing. Empowering people to get out there and earn side income is a rising trend among businesses.

We’re seeing with Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber all threatening the taxi and limousine business…

These sites are proving that there’s no value-add to take a taxi for more money than there is to let someone that’s already out and about just pick you up and take you where you need to go. These new businesses are single-handedly leading to the decline of taxi and limousine revenues.

When you’re a commodity and you’re doing something that regular people can probably do without you, you need to adapt. You need to look in to the future and you need to figure out how to add value to what you provide.

Sites like Lyft and Togally are only the beginning…

My recommendation if you’re in an industry that’s affected… Join the bandwagon.

Leverage these new sites to grow your existing business or to do gigs on the side. Fighting them and refusing to adapt is like refusing to buy a DVD player because your VHS works just fine…

Circling back around to Togally, I recently asked a very well respected (and highly paid) photographer what their thoughts were on the Togally concept… She told me that she absolutely loved it because she would use it to find assistants on jobs that needed multiple photographers as well as to pick up some extra gigs during her slow season.

That’s adapting and leveraging the new tools that are at your fingertips.

I know this will be a pretty controversial topic. Please leave your opinion in the comments.

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Matt Wolfe

Matt Wolfe is a father, a husband, an author, a speaker, a teacher and a bit of a hacker. He was one of the original founders of and co-founded Beyond The Hype. Matt is an expert on paid traffic generation, email marketing and affiliate marketing. He's constantly developing new training courses and is currently in development of a new software platform, set to be released at the end of 2015.

  • I dig this.

    Photographers have enough on their plates without having to deal with all the details that AREN’T related to taking quality pictures.

    By taking care of the marketing and billing side, your’e making this valuable service available to more people and enabling more “TOGs” to break into the market.

    I have often said you only need two things to be successful in business: 1) access to a thing of value and 2) a way to communicate with people that value that thing!

    I think you’re on top of a very important trend right now: helping both sides of a needed service to find each other… and facilitating the transaction.

    Great idea. Hope you do well with it!

    Keep Stepping,


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