About Me

My name is Matt Wolfe…Matt Wolfe

…and I’m a father, a husband, and an online entrepreneur. I love building online businesses, I love blogging, and, most importantly, I love helping people build successful businesses and blogs. I love these things so much that I created a business around teaching people to blog, I created a podcast that helps guide people down the right paths in business, and I created several blogs that share my entrepreneurial journey.

Blogging makes me passive income

I started blogging back in about 2005. I was a finance major in college and I loved talking personal finance and money management. My first blog was entitled “How I Will Be Rich” and was all about growing wealth. I was a huge fan of Ramit Sethi’s blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and must admit that my blog’s name was a little bit inspired by his…

As I started to see some success making money with Adsense and selling ad space on my site, I decided that it would be a good idea to create a second blog about another passion of mine at the time, health. I teamed up with good friend, Joe Fier, and we built “Be Healthy and Relax”. This site is still out there generating passive income to this day.

I began creating sites in all sorts of other niches to create more and more passive income streams. Most of them are still out there and bringing in money every single month. I have a site about gardening, a site about bowling, a site about basketball, a site that compares various diets, and many more. They all generate various amounts of passive income.

In 2009 I took the leap and went “full time”

During the time that I was creating these blogs I was working for the family business. In 2009 the family decided that it was time to sell the business due to the economic climate and the housing crisis.

A new owner came in and just began to treat all of the existing employees like crap. He was a complete jerk and no one could stand him. One by one, all of the original employees started dropping. No one could put up with this guy. Fortunately for me, I was an indispensable asset to the company that knew how to operate the business. Unfortunately for my boss at the time, I couldn’t care less about making a jerk like him richer. He got in my face one too many times and I walked out the door…

I wasn’t making huge amounts of money yet but I knew that I would figure it out…

In August of 2009, I launched The WordPress Classroom, an online education site that taught non-tech-savvy people how to create, monetize, and generate traffic to blogs. Over the course of 2009, I managed to ramp this business up to a six-figure per year business with very little overhead as well as build a personal brand around my name.

In 2012 I became a best-selling author

I wrote a book entitled WordPress Revealed and it quickly became a #1 best seller on Amazon. To this day, it’s still one of the best selling books on Amazon about the topic of WordPress. Although it has received some mixed reviews, I tried to make the best resource in an inexpensive book that I possibly could.

To create the book, I basically surveyed people for their most burning questions on WordPress. I created the book around these questions as well as from various interviews I had done with many other successful bloggers and WordPress users.

In 2013 I co-founded THREE new companies

That’s right… Many people build one company in a lifetime. In 2013 alone, I merged The WordPress Classroom with a company called Free Blog Factory to form LearnToBlog.com with partner, Bradley Will. This company was built to continue teaching blogging concepts, beyond WordPress. We also built a service side to the business where we would setup done-for-you WordPress blogs.

I launched Evergreen Profits, Inc. with partner Joe Fier, a full-service design and development company aimed at taking entrepreneur’s ideas in to functioning online businesses. Through this company we had the ability to work with some of the top marketing minds and business people in the world.

I also helped launch a social photography site called Togally with a large group of investors and entrepreneurs.

2014 was all about focus and growth

Throughout 2014, I shifted my focus almost entirely to ramping up Learn To Blog.

My wife and I also had our second child and my first son, Hollis.

Read this article to learn more about my accomplishments for 2014.

Here’s a podcast episode I did on Beyond The Hype that tells my entire story… From growing up through today.

In February of 2015 I sold my stake in Learn To Blog

Read about my decision to sell the company here.